Appeals and messages of ISCOMET

Important field of the ISCOMET work is to issue statements and documents in order to draw the attention of the target audience (international organisations and institutions and relevant individuals) to the specific incorrectness and occurrences connected with its work.
In April and May 1992 ISCOMET has on behalf of its Presidency issued two Appeals to Stop the War and punish the Crimes against the People of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This action has drawn substantial attention of the most important political personalities and international organisations (like OSCE, Council of Europe, ICCROM and others). During all the time the members of ISCOMET have been very active in various international experts’ groups in order to find a solution for the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Think thank by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Verona forum, Conference of Lawyers of ex-Yugoslavia, meetings of supporters for establishing an international tribunal for war crimes, etc.).

 Documents adopted in the period 1991-2005

The appeals and messages of ISCOMET have been accepted with significant interest of the addressees what have enabled a continuation of dialogue with them and in some cases also the co- operation in the future expert activities.
ISCOMET has been encouraging international research projects through the European centre for Ethnic, Regional and Sociological Studies – ECERS. In the frame of these research projects several workshops of the research groups and other invited experts have been held.